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The IB Core elements of CAS, Extended Essay and TOK are what set the IB apart from many other pre-university courses. The core elements are essential to gaining the full Diploma as outlined in the failing conditions. Together the IB Core can give students up to 3 IB points (from a total of 45). In the UK, for example, UCAS include the IB Core (along with Diploma and Course/Certificate) on their official tariff points document to help with university applications.

The IBO publish a very important document outlining clearly the rights and responsibilities of students, parents and schools - here it is General Regulations: Diploma Programme. Please read this carefully, alongside the IST IBDP Handbook, and make sure you refer to it regularly as you proceed through the programme. Another key document is the IBO parent/guardian guide to academic honesty found below. Students should also read the IB publication, 'Are you completing your IB assignments honestly?' along with the online IBO guide 'Effective citing and referencing' regularly as they proceed through their programme.

Here's a brochure published by the IBO on what the Diploma's all about. For a description of how the IBO Learner Profile underpins all programmes read What is an IB education? here. For a copy of the IB Learner Profile poster click here. Also, click here for the very latest press releases about the IB in our region.

Key documents:

General Regulations: Diploma Programme

IST IBDP Handbook

Class of 2025 IBDP Deadlines

Are you completing your IB assignments honestly?

Effective citing and referencing

IBDP Brouchure


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