Physical Education


At the International School of Toulouse, PE develops:

  • students’ knowledge, skills and physical competence and confidence and their ability to use these to perform in a range of activities
  • opportunities for students to be creative, competitive and to face up to different challenges as individuals and in a group or teams
  • knowledge of hygiene and safety procedures in sport and the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle
  • students’ discovery and aptitudes, abilities and preferences to be able to make choices about how to get involved in lifelong physical activity
  • students wishes to join local sports clubs in order to develop physical and social aspects of healthy, active lifestyles

Health and safety

Students are taught to consider their own safety and the safety of others at all times. All IST students must have a PE kit as prescribed in the School Uniform document and have a medical certificate signed by their doctor to be able to take part in sports activities. PE teachers set a good example by wearing appropriate clothing when teaching PE. School uniform rules state that no jewellery is to be worn for any physical activity.


The School has excellent on site sports facilities including a purpose built sports hall, a track, an all-weather pitch and a long jump area


. There is a wide range of resources to support the teaching of PE across the school, all kept in the IST PE store within the Sports Hall but also accessible from the outdoor sports facilities. Children help set up and put away equipment as part of their work as by doing so they learn to handle equipment appropriately and safely. Students in Grade 8 and Grade 10 are taught swimming (life-saving) for one term per year and use the local swimming pool in Colomiers.

We also use:

  • teacher resources / books for each area of physical activity
  • information on the internet to improve student’s knowledge
  • appropriate PE equipment for each pupil for their own safety and the safety of others at all times
  • sports equipment to support the teaching of PE


Students from Grade 6 to Grade 10 have PE lessons, led by three PE teachers who are French Nationals and who conduct the lessons in French.

All year groups have two hours of PE practical per week, and the Grade 10 who follow the IGCSE P.E course, two theory hours are added each week.

PE events

Sporting events are organized during the school year:

  • Secondary sports day during Autumn term or Spring term for all secondary students with participation of the association « un maillot pour la vie »
  • collaboration with Deutsche Schule Toulouse Secondary: team games matches are organized

Curated by: Curriculum Leader for PE