Information and Communications Technology and Computer Science

Grade 6 - Grade 7 - Grade 8 - IGCSE CSc - IB CSc - Computer club

The ICT curriculum in grades 6 to 8 is based on the NAACE framework, since it provides a wide, international, politically-independent and relevant structure that prepares students well for future studies at this school or elsewhere. Given the aptitude of our students and their early exposure to technology, components on graphics, animation, systems analysis and programming are included before they make their GCSE choices. Grades 9 and 10 students who opt for ICT follow the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) board IGCSE ICT syllabus 0417. At IB, students are offered computer science as part of the diploma programme.

Student work is handed in and graded online. G6-8 work is graded from A* down to N, IGCSE work from A* to U (see grade descriptors) and IB work from 1 up to 7.

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Curated by: Secondary ICT Coordinator