IB Music Diploma Programme


The IB Music programme allows students to develop their creative musical skills to a level that will enable them to access a higher education music course, or develop a level of understanding that will enhance their life-long enjoyment of the arts.

Students studying IB Music perform, compose and study music history and theory. The course is heavily based on the analysis of music and enables students to get an indepth understanding of the core elements of music, study examples from 1600 to the present day and develop an understanding of different musical cultures.
Higher level students have to fulfill all elements of the course with 25% being solo performance, 25% composition, 20% musical investigation and 30% on a written exam.
At standard level the students choose between composition or performance which is worth 50%. The other elements of the course have the same weighting.

 Links to CAS, TOK and Music can be found by clicking the images below.

CAS_&_music        TOK&Music

The course syllabus with assessment criteria etc

Set work for 2015-16

A guide to some basic theory resourcses and exercises

The study of a range of different musical cultures. This is a good place to start to get ideas for the topics you might cover in your Musical Investigation.

A range of interactive activities and exam type questions to help develop your listening skills.

Develop your knowledge of different styles of music, musicians and composers.