Skills: Instrumental skills, composition
Outcomes: Familiarisation with playing chords, theory-root, 3rd 5th etc, class performance of piece based on a chord sequence

Skills: Music reading, group performance, composition, creating incidental music
Outcomes: Class performance of 'Bond' theme, incidental music for film trailer

Skills: Composition, using music to create & reinforce atmosphere, performance
Outcomes: Video clip with music of a new product, understanding of effectiveness of music in film, TV etc.

Skills: Performing, listening, music theory, note reading
Outcomes: Performance of version of Pachelbel canon, understanding of terms such as Canon, Baroque

Skills: Whole class performance, music reading, listening
Outcomes: Performance of Reggae song (for an occasion, concert etc), understanding of features of Reggae, history etc.

Skills: Listening, composing, developing musical ideas, setting text to music Outcomes: Understanding of how to structure songs, performance & recording of completed songs