Skills: Creating structure & order in music using pre-recorded samples, developing computer skills
Outcomes: 1 minute music track & video clip

Skills: Music reading & basic theory, instrumental skills, ensemble playing Outcomes: Whole class performance of Bransle de la Touche, understanding of context of medieval music

Skills: Setting text to music, small group performance, composition, listening
Outcomes: Produce composition based on poem 'Lyke Wake Dirge', listening task on B Britten 'Serenade'

Skills: Solo & ensemble performance, listening
Outcomes: Group performance of blues piece, understanding of 12-bar blues & its origins

Skills: Music reading, relating sound to symbol, improvisation, composing, performing
Outcomes: Understanding of music represented by symbol, different forms of notation, design & produce performance of graphic score

Skills: Composition, performance & listening based on 20th century techniques
Outcomes: Performance of a composition & production of written score.