Grade 8  English

English Grade 8


In English our curriculum will develop your skills in speaking and listening, reading (of poetry, drama, fiction, non-fiction and media texts) and writing for a range of different audiences and purposes. We are mindful of internationalism. You will consider wider historical and social contexts and there will be opportunities for cross-curricular links.


Each unit ends with a substantial formal assessment in verbal and/or written form.



Prose text:

"Of Mice and Men" - John Steinbeck


The Sound of Waves - 

Read in order to develop your analytical skills. You will focus on context, setting, viewpoint  and literary language.


Poetry: Place

Explore a range of poems to build on close textual analysis skills.



Modern Play:

"Journey’s End" - R C Sherriff

Read the play and consider the importance of context as well as characterisation and dramatic techniques used by the playwright.




How to Read a Film /Text into Film: "Rabbit Proof Fence"

Analyse filmmaking techniques and their effects--such as sound, camera work, editing etc.--using the short film "Silent Beats" and extracts from the printed text and from the film "Rabbit Proof Fence".




We usually watch films purely for entertainment: we are passive observers, not really thinking much beyond our feelings and impressions of what is on the screen.  

However, film is something we can read just as carefully and consciously as a book or poem.  

Appreciating the techniques a filmmaker uses (to create emphasis and sensory or emotional effect for the audience) makes watching films even more enjoyable.