Grade 7  English

English Grade 7


In English our curriculum will develop your skills in speaking and listening, reading (of poetry, drama, fiction, non-fiction and media texts) and writing for a range of different audiences and purposes. We are mindful of internationalism. You will consider wider historical and social contexts and there will be opportunities for cross-curricular links.


Each unit ends with a substantial formal assessment in verbal and/or written form.



Prose text:

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, Mark Haddon

Develop your appreciation of the writer’s craft in more depth including genre comparison.

Film study:


Develop an understanding of the effects of cinematographic techniques.



Read and analyse a range of poems, focusing on specific poetic techniques. You will also write your own poetry and collate it into a book of poems.


Language Variety and Change:

Explore the ways in which the English language changes and varies over time and investigate your own language. You will go on to study the language, imagery and design of children’s picture books and produce your own.


Crafting Writing

Appreciate the art of the short story using Lucy Blue byDavid Almond to develop understanding of structure, language, sentences, genre and theme. You will craft your own story as well as writing an analytical piece.



Introduction to


Enjoy Shakespeare through an introduction to aspects of drama including character, relationships, themes and language.


In this unit, you will explore and discuss how cinematic techniques are used by film directors to create an impact on the audience. This unit will lead to an essay which will analyse how the directors of "Shrek" used presentational and cinematic devices to reverse the classic tradition in fairy tales and reveal the ogre as good and the Prince as evil.