IB Visual Art

Creative process

Both GCSE and IB courses centre around the CREATIVE PROCESS.  The Diagram above illustrates not only how that works but also the important skills students are able to develop through engaging in this way of working.  The link below (Visual Arts and the learner profile) gives further detail about how the CREATIVE PROCESS supports IB students in developing the attributes of the IB LEARNER PROFILE.

Students following the IB Visual Arts course work towards producing a body of work for exhibition. This work is developed by the students working increasingly independently in order to pursue their own artistic and personal interests. The department encourages the development of strong technical skills alongside risk taking and contextual and critical understanding.

The grade 11 course starts with a thematic project with students developing technical skills, understanding concepts and the emphasis is placed on creative responses. Students learn about how to use their journals to support the creation of personal responses with an awareness of contextual and critical understanding.

The students then progress to pursue their own ideas, interests and themes, with guidance and support. This approach ensures each student produces a unique body of work which reflects their developing artistic maturity.

Each of the courses below include galleries of both workbook pages and exhibition pieces.

TOK learner profile


independent development


IB ART SOW Sept 20 - July 21


Autumn   Term 1

PRINT-MAKING - students learn a variety of print-making techniques.  They then use their prints to create further collaged responses.

Autumn   Term 2

Printmaking cont.

Spring   Term 1

FORM - Students use a variety of media and explore form and space 

Spring   Term 2

COMPARATIVE STUDY - Whilst still generating artworks in a personal independent project, they spend the majority of lessons constructing and refining their 'Comparative Study'.

Summer   term

Refining comparative study

Independent study - students start to develop their chosen themes with greater independence.



Autumn   Term 1

Development of individual   themes   - Students develop their own work with increasing sophistication through the   continually revisiting the creative process.    They constantly reflect on their outcomes, refining their ideas and   techniques in the light of what they learn from other artists.  They also finalise their comparative Study.

Autumn   Term 2

Development of individual themes cont.

Spring   Term 1

Exhibition - students put the finishing touches to their exhibition, curatorial rational, comparative Study and process portfolio for assessment in March

During the course you will receive various supports and guides.  You'll find the majority of them here, in the handbook.