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Grade 8

Students have one one-hour lesson per week.  Curriculum planning is reviewed on an annual basis and the intention is to offer both breadth and depth of study.  The aim is to provide students with an experience that allows them to:

  • develop their basic practical skills
  • generate an awareness of visual strategies
  • ensure they are able to analyse their own and others’ work
  • know strategies for developing and refining their own work
  • gain confidence in their own ideas

G8 ART SOW Sept 21-July 21

Autumn Term 1

Landscape painting – students explore a variety of media within the theme of landscape, noting the particular effects created by unusual combinations. (apx. 8 lessons)

Autumn Term 2

Landscape cont.

Print experimentation – students explore simple water based printing techniques and experiment with drawing into them.

Spring Term 1

Analysis - Written analysis practice (apx. 2 lessons)

Culture Clash – students lean about The Benin Bronzes and the Florentine Codex and create a relief tile in clay that preserves an aspect of their lifestyle.

Spring Term 2

Culture clash cont.

Summer term

Mock exam – students select and analyse the visual strategies of artists and then apply one to a portrait.