Grade 7 Science

Grade 7 Science Topics

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8J Forces and Transport

8F Materials and Recycling

8K Light Fantastic

8A Food Glorious Food

8B Going for Gold

8C Doctors and Diseases

8E Water



This unit revises work from Year 7 on balanced forces, and looks at how drag forces can be reduced. It goes on to look at forces that are spread out over an area, magnetic and electromagnetic forces, and finally at levers. The work is set in the context of transport and how we use it.

This unit covers diet, digestion and the transport of and uses for the nutrients in digested food. All of this is looked at within a context of food advertising (including diets and supplements).

This unit uses the context of safe water supplies to introduce and develop the idea that many everyday substances are actually mixtures and that these mixtures can be separated,using a variety of techniques, to produce useful materials.

This unit uses the context of recycling to examine how we sort and classify materials. This includes the classification into metals and non-metals, and revision of previous work on solids, liquids and gases. The unit also develops the more advanced concepts of elements and compounds, and links these to the more abstract ideas of particle models and chemical formulae.

Using the theme of sports (particularly athletics), this unit covers the chemical reaction of respiration in living organisms and the structure and function of the human respiratory and circulatory systems.

The work of doctors and the diseases that they come across provide the theme for this unit. Work also includes microbes, population growth, uses of microbes, disease transmission, disease prevention, natural defences, vaccines and medicines.

This unit extends what you already know about light to consider how light travels and what happens when it meets an object. The work is set in the context of cameras and photography, and also considers how photography has contributed to scientific discoveries and how images are used in today’s society..