Grade 6  English

English Grade 6


In English our curriculum will develop your skills in speaking and listening, reading (of poetry, drama, fiction, non-fiction and media texts) and writing for a range of different audiences and purposes. We are mindful of internationalism. You will consider wider historical and social contexts and there will be opportunities for cross-curricular links.


Each unit ends with a substantial formal assessment in verbal and/or written form.



Telling Stories

Find out about the conventions of different forms of storytelling in spoken, written and visual forms.



Non-Fiction texts: Titanic!

Use facts and narratives from the Titanic story to create a range of non-fiction and fiction texts, culminating in a group presentation.



Prose text:

"The Declaration", Gemma Malley

Read and appreciate a novel. Explore character, relationships, structure, language, theme and genre. You will write both creatively and analytically.


Drama text:

"Frankenstein", a re-writing of Mary Shelley's novel into a playscript by Philip Pullman.

Read and explore how a playscript comes to life. You will write both creatively, and analytically. You will also perform sections to better understand dramatic techniques and their effect. 




Explore a range of poetic features and forms. You will select poems for a digital class anthology and give oral and written commentaries.