What is IB Geography? 

IB Geography is an important subject in our modern world of globalization and pressures upon cultures and resources. The ability to view issues from a wider perspective is appropriate for working in many different career paths. The nature of peoples’ working lives is changing. It is less likely that someone will spend all their life in one company or organisation. If your career path is to be varied you will need to develop transferable skills and be flexible. IB Geography fosters these qualities and provides a firm base for life-long learning.

IB Geography is part of the challenging two year IB programme administrated by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). IB Geography can be studied at Standard and Higher Level. IB students are required to study six subjects. IB Geography is a group 3 'Individuals and Societies' subject



There are four assessment objectives (AOs) for the SL and HL Diploma Programme geography course.


Having followed the course at SL or HL, students will be expected to do the following.


  1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of specified content
    • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the core theme—global change
    • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of two optional themes at SL and three optional themes at HL
    • At HL only, demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the HL extension—global interactions
    • In internal assessment, demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a specific geographic research topic
  2. Demonstrate application and analysis of knowledge and understanding
    • Apply and analyse geographic concepts and theories
    • Identify and interpret geographic patterns and processes in unfamiliar information, data and cartographic material
    • Demonstrate the extent to which theories and concepts are recognized and understood in particular contexts
  3. Demonstrate synthesis and evaluation
    • Examine and evaluate geographic concepts, theories and perceptions
    • Use geographic concepts and examples to formulate and present an argument
    • Evaluate materials using methodology appropriate for geographic fieldwork
    • At HL only, demonstrate synthesis and evaluation of the HL extension—global interactions
  4. Select, use and apply a variety of appropriate skills and techniques
    • Select, use and apply the prescribed geographic skills in appropriate contexts
    • Produce well‑structured written material, using appropriate terminology
    • Select, use and apply techniques and skills appropriate to a geographic research question