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Grade 6

Students have one one-hour lesson per week.  The intention is to offer both breadth and depth of study.  The aim is to provide students with an experience that allows them to:

  • develop their basic practical skills
  • generate an awareness of visual strategies
  • ensure they are able to analyse their own and others’ work
  • know strategies for developing and refining their own work
  • gain confidence in their own ideas

G6 ART SOW Sept 20 -July 21

Autumn Term 1

Colour theory - students learn about, practice mixing and apply colour

Autumn Term 2

Observation drawing – students cover some basic skills and use a variety of materials and approaches (apx. 5 lessons)

Perspective – students learn to use vanishing points, and other perspective techniques and analyse the work of L.S.Lowry (apx. 6 lessons)

Spring Term 1

Perspective cont. – students develop their images into clay tiles (apx. 3 lessons)

Spring Term 2

Cylinder Figures – Students analyse the work of Leger and learn about form and proportion through the production of a cylinder figure made from folded paper (apx. 8 lessons)

Summer term

Cylinder figures cont.

Drawing from cylinder figures.

Pattern derived from cylinder figures drawings.