Geography at the IST


Why is Geography is so important?Geography is a very popular and hugely relevant subject at IST. The department enjoys a rich and varied curriculum and has developed and invested in high quality resources to complement the learning experience.

95% of the teaching and learning is done through the department website to compliment our status as a laptop school.  Geographypods was created by Mr Podbury and designed specifically for IST Geography students although many schools around the world also use it for teaching and learning. To access the site, go to or for IB DP Geography, go to Here you will find the curriculum maps, topics, lessons and resources as well as examples of great Geography work. There are some protected areas of the site and to access those, you should use the password: toulouse.

Geography is delivered twice a week to all classes between Grade 7 & 10 and four times a week for those students who study at IB level. The curriculum leader for Geography is Mr Podbury and Ms Orchard also teaches the subject to our Grade 6 & 7 students. The department benefits from brand new interactive whiteboard technology and utilises a variety of teaching methods to meet the needs of all of our young Geographers.

In 2014, the Geography Department was awarded the Secondary Geography Quality Mark status by the Geographical Association. Further to that, the school also achieved he highly sought after 'Centre of Excellence Award' and joins a select group of only 25 schools worldwide to have achieved this status. 



We understand the importance of fieldwork in the learning and understanding of Geography.

The department is pleased to run the following visits

G7 - Joint History & Geography field visit to Carcassone. 

G9 - Coastal Fieldwork Residential to Sitges, Spain or Urban Fieldwork to Berlin, Germany.

G11 - IB Fieldwork Residential to France/Spain or Urban Fieldwork to Berlin, Germany.

What we do and when we do it. 



Sep - Oct

Oct - Dec

Jan - Feb

Mar - April

April - June


Otzi Mystery & Making Connections

Written assessment

France, Europe & The World &

Map Skills

Natural Hazards




Landscapes in a Box

End of year examination



Everest & Carcassonne Connection


Geography of My Stuff


Globalization assessment

Val Tolosa Shopping Centre DME


Topical Geography e.g. World Cup or Olympic Games

End of year examination



Water & Us

Niagara Falls Project assessment

Ecosystems – Tundra to Rainforest


Uncontacted Tribes

Palm Oil & Me

Written assessment

Global Development


Adventure Landscapes.

End of year exam







Settlement Brazil

Settlement France


Earthquakes & Volcanoes

Coasts, Rivers

Fieldwork & Coursework

End of year examination





Rainforests & Deserts




Industry & Energy

Water & Economic Activity



S/L & H/L Sports, leisure & Tourism

H/L global Interactions

S/L & H/L Sports, leisure & Tourism

H/L global Interactions

SL & HL Core Patterns Part 1-2

H/L global Interactions

SL & HL Core Patterns Part 1-2

H/L global Interactions

S/L & HL             Freshwater

H/L global Interactions



S/L & HL             Freshwater


H/L Hazards

SL & HL Core Patterns Part 3-4

H/L Hazards

SL & HL Core Patterns Part 3-4

H/L Hazards

SL & HL Core Patterns Part 3-4 & revision.

Summer final examinations


Please see our subject handbook for further information on Geography teaching and learning at the International School of Toulouse  


Curated by: Curriculum Leader for Geography