Grade 8 (Y9) Geography is taught through the website.

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The Year 9 course prepares our students for the rigours of IGCSE Geography. Mr Podbury & Ms Orchard have developed some of the activities so that the students get a flavour of IGCSE Business Studies. SWOT analysis and the Marketing Mix are introduced to students and mixed in with some really great and current Geography. All Geographical skills are tested over the year, from reading maps to giving presentation in front of the class, architectural plans to evacuating central USA! There is a Geography & Adventure trip to the Dordogne in May/June of Year 9. Prepare to get very wet! 


Year 9 Curriculum Grid

Half Term 1

Half  Term 2

Half  Term 3

Half  Term 4

Half  Term 5

Half  Term 6

Blue Gold

Niagara Falls Sustainable Tourism  

Biomes, Uncontacted Tribes & Palm Oil

Supervolcano in Yellowstone

Global Development  

Geography Trip to Rocamadour & Final Exams